Thursday, October 4, 2012

Always Bohemian

 I don't know why any look I put together it always end up looking like a bohemian gal. haha! I guess that's my style really. I love the casual bohemian and edgy looks of the Olsen twins. Very effortlessly fashionable without looking trying hard. And that's actually my mantra when dressing-up. Take for instance this look, the shirt and that bandage skirt may be basic pieces only. But I was able to give it a bohemian twist with my accessories. I guess the best way to look stylish is to dress-up according to your mood and personality, and just enjoy putting clothing pieces together.

"People are most beautiful when they are not trying." 

PS: That bag is my favorite so pardon its consistent appearance on this blog haha!

 top and bandage skirt- coming out on SIMONE'S CLOSET this Sunday
necklaces- SIMONE'S CLOSET (2 separate pieces )
braid bracelets- SIMONE'S CLOSET
sandals- Tomato

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  1. Denise!!! Di na ko makapaghintay sa 40th collection mo. Ang ganda ng outfit mo, perfect for mommy like me na may anak na makulit saka conservative na asawa. Siguro naman di na aangal si hubby sa ganyang outfit pag pupunta sa mall :D


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