Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Simone's Closet at ETC Fashion Flea Market

Let me share with you another bazaar adventure I attended last week. I was invite by Andie of The Pinup Girl Store to put some of my stuffs on her booth. And though my stocks are only few, I gladly said yes since what I am after is to bond with her and just relax.

I was not really that prepared on my set-up I forgot to bring my lamp and my stocks are only a handful but I am so surprised that I went home with almost empty containers of accessories. I never knew that my creations will be gladly appreciated despite the fact that there are bigger brands than me who are there. But still, to all those who purchased my cobweb necklaces, boho wraps, and braid bracelets, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I was not able to take photos of my customers because I was manning the booth alone and hubby arrived late in the afternoon so in short, no one was there to be my photographer haha! 
Andie's amazing crafts! :) Aren't they the cutest and the daintiest? :)

Andie and I while waiting for customers :)
this is my haggarda and pagoda look haha!
helping out my customer to try on my boho wrap :)

met my blogger friends, Ana, Ava, and Mike and Ava's son, Athan! 
with Ana of Anagon Collection

Aside from the fact that hubby surprised me when he went to the bazaar in the afternoon, I am also surprised to meet a new friend who happens to read my blog. I am so giddy that she came all the way from her work just to visit me and buy stuffs! I love you so much po! Goodness I forgot your name haha! If you are reading this po, please comment below or just text me? haha! This is what I always love about joining bazaars, aside from the sales, is the opportunity to get along with new people, and hear them say how much they love reading my blog and how much they adore my creations. It just melts my heart away! Hubby and God knows that right after she went away from my booth, I almost cannot refrain from smiling and giggling because of happiness! :) Touched ako super! :)

Hay, it is always good to never expect. Just do what you can and let God help you out with the rest. 

See you on my next bazaar adventure! :) I will keep you posted on my bazaar schedule!:)

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  1. ang kulit lang ni athan =P nice seeing you, den!:)


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