Saturday, September 22, 2012

Movie Date

 Sharing with you some photos of our movie date last stormy Sunday at SM Moa! The strong wind and heavy rain didn't stop us from watching Resident Evil Retribution. haha! I think we're all fans of zombies, well I am a big fan actually! Zombies really scare me to death haha!
Then we headed to an Italian resto which unfortunately I forgot the name, and enjoyed some plates of pasta and pizza. 

Can't wait on our Star City adventure haha! Actually ako may type sa Star City because I have been eyeing to try on the horror house hoping to run after zombies???haha! 

Got to go now, it's time to craft once again. Perhaps I will be visiting Robinson's Magnolia later this afternoon. I am craving for some ice cream and mochi! Have a happy Saturday!

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