Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Box Of Crayons

Just a fun-filled colorful outfit I wore some weeks ago when I went out with Marise to play at Timezone. Whenever I bring her either to the playground or to Timezone, it is always a must for me to dress-up kid friendly haha! Ya know, running after a hyper kid would really make me move so much so I'd better be ready for it. This outfit bursts a lot of color inspired from my newest eco bag that I got at the recently held ETC FASHION FLEA MARKET. I love the colorful doodles a lot. I have been bringing this one inside my bag just in case I need to shop for anything. Well, QC just banned the use of plastics and charge you for P2.00 in case you need one. And this leaves me but to always bring this cutesy bag! :)

PS: Would you want another blog giveaway??? Yes? yes? let me know! :)

floral top- online find
blue pants- bought from Landmark then DIY-ed
flats- Parisian Jr.
vest- DIVI


  1. I love the studs on your bag!:) and colorful top!

    I like the idea of plastic banning. That's what we do in taiwan. Whenever you want plastic, you have to pay, so naturally, people get discouraged and bring trollies at the grocery or eco bags for shopping :D

    1. thanks Ava! oh yes and I am happy with that plastic ban too! I am enjoying much the use of my lovely eco bags! :) This will be such a big help for our environment :)

  2. Hello, I've been noticing your brown bag in your posts. Was wondering where you bought it please? =)

    1. oooh that bag! it's my favorite haha! got it from DIVISORIA for only P150 I am just lucky that whenever i go there, there are bags sale everywhere! haha!

    2. Aaaa...ok. Sayang! I thought it was in a mall ma mapupuntahan ko kagad. Hehehe! Thanks! =)

  3. lovely outfit dear .
    the colors go well together .
    very pretty .

    i followed your fab blog .

  4. Love love love the colors here!! :) Pati your title! Haha so cute ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  5. Oh I love your style and blog!! :)


  6. Denise!
    I got your comment! Sige nga, let's Nail It! bonding one of these days! :) I agree, I super love the ETC eco bag. When I need to carry big things, I bring it along. Stylishly cute kasi. :)

    Melai of Style and Soul


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