Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why I love crafting?

boho bracelets with charms made by me! :)

I may not be as good as the other crafters out there. I met some at the ALABAMA ART FAIR and oh my they really have the talent of turning scrap into an amazing usable piece! I am not even half of their super crafting powers! hehe.

In as much as I love writing and drawing, crafting accessories is really my passion. It gives me that sense of uniqueness everytime I wear my creations. I can see people stare at me, and even some who are just total strangers, who approach me and say how much they love the necklace I am wearing. It makes me feel happy and fulfilled that not only myself or my family appreciate what I do. There are actually a handful of them whom I just met recently.They're total strangers to me who just happen to appreciate my craft. I could never be thankful for it. And that feeling powers me to do more.

What I love about crafting? It's the undefined feeling of happiness knowing that your works can put a smile on other people's faces. Such a rewarding feeling.


  1. wow! they're pretty! i want to make one too :D


    1. hi! thank you! yes sure try doing some! :)i bet you will enjoy it :)

  2. i saw something similar in


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