Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweater and Neon Necklace

Okay so I am back to regular programming as I am aiming to offer you a bit of positive vibes even if we all know everyone's still recovering from the heavy rain and flood. I hope all of you are now safe and sound as I do. :) I know it's hard to move on but we have to, the least we can do now is pray, hope, and smile for a brighter day ahead. 

So... moving on, this is what I wore last rainy Sunday when the monsoon rain is starting to hit us. I thought it was just an ordinary day but my gosh the rain's so heavy that I went home soaking wet hehe. And so I went along with ze hubby and friends to the photo studio in UP Village to do some reservations for our upcoming shoot this Saturday. I am still hoping today and the rest of the weeks will be hot and sunny so we can all do the things we postponed for the last few days.

This is how I dress-up for the rainy days especially that I know I will be doing lots of walking. I wore my sweater top and denim shorts and just added this neon necklace (a new design coming-out on Simone's Closet) to add color and interest to my super casual outfit. Hope you like it! :)

Thank God the sun is up now. Stay safe guys!:)

sweater- thrifted
denim shorts- Landmark
necklace- Simone's Closet
jelly sandals- SM Department store


  1. I love the necklace! When will the next collection be out? Btw, I'm alrdy following your blog :)


    1. thanks for the follow! :) I will launch the giveaway this August 17! :) punta ka on my bazaar :)


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