Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stuck At Home

Hey guys finally another post since Sunday! First of all, I hope you are all safe and dry right now. Thank God that even if our area is flooded we are all safe and sound. Anyway, the reason I was not able to blog the last two days, is because I was totally out of reach since Monday night. Sky cable failed and so the internet, and followed by Sun network who went out-of-coverage yesterday. So no matter how I wanted to work, I just can't. Add to that I was extremely pms-ing that I hardly do anything at all. 

BUT because I know Marise is really bored because she can't watch TV nor go outside to play, I just bond with her by cooking instant soup, goofing around, drawing, and finishing her 5 coloring books haha! And then I sneak in some time to craft some more accessories just to keep me positive for the whole time I was bored and depressed  because of the heavy rain and flood.

Now that I have my internet connection back, I need to make-up for the 3 days I was not able to work. Plus, it's kind of sad for Marise that she can't push-through with her birthday party tomorrow because of the heavy rain. How sad is that right? But I promise to make her happy tomorrow even if it's raining cats and dogs. 

STAY SAFE EVERYONE! If you need some emergency help read-through Lissa Kahayon's post for more information! :)


  1. am glad you are safe, guapa. and a happy birthday to fellow Leo, Marisse. :)


  2. keep safe Denise! :)



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