Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Marise's 4th Birthday!

Ok this post is super late already haha! But since I'd rather be late than sorry, let me show you a photo diary of how we celebrated Marise's 4th birthday last August 9, 2012.  Since the habagat devastated the entire Manila and other provinces, Marise was not able to celebrate her birthday party right on time of her birthday. So what we did on her special day, we bought 2 pan pizzas to serve as her cake haha! The cake I ordered was put on hold because of the heavy rain, well and so is her party.

When the sun finally came out the week after the habagat, we pushed-through with her birthday party at her school. 

Mom and I organized Marise's party. With Dora The Explorer as the theme, we were able to buy a cake, loot bags, party hats, and giveaways in Dora-theme too! I am so giddy when it comes to kids' parties as I wanted all of them to enjoy! Since I am a hands-on mom, I made sure Marise and her classmates will enjoy even without the presence of a mascot. I am just not thrilled to pay for a magician or a clown or a mascot, I want something new. So I hoarded lotsa toys to give away, candies, coloring books, crayons, fun balloons, and a crazy pinata! Every kid went home with a full tummy, wide smiles, plastics of goodies and toys, and a sprinkle of sparkling papers on their heads haha!

Then, to cap that special day off, I treated Marise to a movie! We watched The Brave, and shopped for toys! Oh the joys of being a kid. Love you Marise!


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeet! :) I love the 2nd photo! her diaper is saying hello to me hahah :)))

    1. haha I know right! kasi excited sya and didn't bother anymore to change clothes para sa picture picture! cute naman eh ahaha!:)

  2. I LOOOVE THIS POST!!! Happy birthday, Marise! I can imagine how happy she was during this day. Bongga even her classmates enjoyed it! ♥ Nice, sis!

    Arnie Villanueva

    1. thanks loves! haha sana and joed were there rin haha hinahanap na nya si AJ!:) luto-lutuan daw sila haha:)


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