Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daily News

It's 12 midnight already and I am still wide awake. Yes I am always up until 2am finishing my pending works. I haven't been able to blog early, as my mornings these past few days are really a hectic time for me. I only have few time at day to finish business-related and work-related stuffs, so once I am done that's the only time I am able to squeeze-in to do blog posts. 

Anyway, I suddenly feel wearing an all-white outfit, but sad to say, the only white pants I have is unfortunately married to black prints haha! So I just settled for that pair, worked that out, and whoala! I love the combination!  I love how everything looks good and quirky! This pair of pants is made to stand-out! Right?! :) 

How are you doing so far guys? :) I am sleepy already, got to sleep now and wake-up at 5am! Sweet dreams!:)

white polo-thrifted
pants- from mom
wedges-Parisian Jr.


  1. Love that unfortunately married to black prints thing! HAHAHAH! lakas maka-NO OTHER WOMAN! :))))

  2. OMG I'm in LOVE with the pants!!! Great look =]

  3. love the shoes and the pants totally! seriously drooling now! =D

  4. I could probably never pull off those pants! Haha. The cut doesnt suit me that well :( boo! But it works so well with you! Makes me wanna try pants like that :)) love how the neutral tones make it soft & tailored yet still edgy cause of the printed pants :)


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