Friday, July 6, 2012

Real-time Update: Overloaded

Before I go offline tonight and surprise you with my scheduled posts tomorrow (since I will be doing a whole day shoot for the 38th collection catalog haha) I'd like to show to you these photos taken this morning. I am lovin how my hair gets more golden brownish everyday haha!  Don't you find it prettier than my old black hair? haha! Anyway, tomorrow is gonna be a busy day for me so I will be leaving with you 3 blog posts  and one of which is the announcement of the SUY BAG giveaway winners! Are you just excited to know if you win??! I bet you all can't wait! So be sure you stop by my blog morning, lunch and night, alright?!

So that's it for now, I need to go and put my glasses on, and my WORK MODE sign on haha! It's Friday night but I still have to work. My desk and my to-do list is overloaded with things I need to accomplish! I won't bother show to you my lists, coz I know you'll be shocked to see the many things waiting for my attention haha!!! If only I have eight hands (oh I am not wishing, just saying haha!) HAVE A GOOD NIGHT GIRLS!:)

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  1. love your top! :))

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