Friday, July 20, 2012

Lace and Plaid

 I can't and will never go out of the house wearing a dress as short as this hehe. BUT in reality, this outfit is really comfortable! I find this plaid dress really flattering for my body. By the way I got this last BU3 at Lauren Dado's booth! I only had the chance to wear it just the other day! I could actually think of many ways to wear this one! :) 

By  the way, I don't get the point why there are other people who will just pop like a mushroom, be mean to you, while trying to squeeze your anger as if she is a hella juicer when you don't know them actually and you are not doing anything bad to them. I just hope and pray that one day God will shower these people with blessings so they'll be happy and feel loved. Maybe in this way, they' don't have to seek attention anymore. :) 

Have to go, my cough is really getting worse. My throat is really itchy and all I did is to bark cough non-stop! haha! I am now currently bffs with lemons and strepsils haha! HAVE A FUN FRIDAY EVERYONE!:)

dress- from Lauren Dado
wedges- Primadonna'


  1. so cute! and am still dying over your sandals.

  2. Loving this outfit, sis!! :) Cute details ♥ Hope you'll get well real soon. Ayaw natin ng may sakit! :D

    Arnie Villanueva

  3. haters gonn' hate
    never mind them dear, focus on self-improvement instead. Success is the greatest revenge. <3



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