Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kiddy's Arts Town

Doing arts and crafts is my newest bonding activity with Marise. She likes to paint, draw, and color and anything that relates to arts. I make it a point to join her whenever I have time. And one of our latest discovery is this little kiddie kiosk at the 3rd level of Landmark, Trinoma named KIDDY'S ARTS TOWN. For 120 to 280 pesos you can get to choose an image you want to paint with their special coloring liquids! I really enjoyed this activity that we actually stayed for an hour haha! I got no chance to take a photo of the entire kiosk because Marise kept on calling me so I only got to snap photos of the process while she is finishing her work!Once you fill-up the entire image with the special paint, the ladies of the kiosk will bake it for you! It will harden a bit then you can stick it on your refrigerator, tiles or glass!

Try it for yourself! If you happen to see me there, don't forget to say hi! :)

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