Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back To The 80s

Okay so yes I am an 80s baby haha! I won't specify the exact year but yes I was born in the 80s. And I pretty much love what that era once had. The fashion and the music in particular. I am not sure if peplum skirts and dresses were a product of the 80s fashion, but when I saw this dress in the thrift shop, I just knew it belong to the 80s era. 

My mom used to wear this kind of dresses and I am so lucky to have found this one. As much I adore to own this dress, I just knew it is not for me. Well if I only  go to work or attend night events, this would totally rock the night away. BUT I am a home buddy, I work at home and stay most of my time at home. Oh well I have a home-based job so less reason for me to look this dressed-up. 

So.... I guess, I have to let go (kahit na mahirap haha!) I know some girl will look better with this on. That's why this piece will be on sale this Saturday! This will be one of the dresses I will be selling on the 38th collection of Simone's Closet! I know you like it! :)

To the lucky girl who will get this dress, take care of her, I love her to bits! :)


  1. It's so nice!! Kaso I have the same dilemma. I couldn't wear it naman to my classes kasi hindi naman aircon sa uplb. Gaaaah. P.S. I recently found your blog and I must say, I am a fan. :)

    1. aww thank you! grabe natuwa naman ako with your comment!:) welcome here in SImone's Fashion Closet!:) I agree mejo hassle if not aircon ang room di ka masyado makoutfitey hehe. BUT still you can get this perhaps for your thesis defense? hehe :)


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