Monday, June 4, 2012

Oxygen Show Outtakes

Here are some photos of me and the people I was with on the Oxygen show! 
Brought my friends/models for my shop! Kamille and Jolly (we missed you Nikki and Patch!) 
upon walking out the hall we saw the pretty hot momma, Angeline of The Wonder Woman Rises!
my outfit for the night! I just love my DIY dress so much and that silver blazer too!:)
Kamille's outfit is so sweet! I love her bustier mixed with her flowy mullet skirt! I wish I have a tiny waist just like hers!ahaha!
 Effortlessly sexy! Lovin' Jolly's black and white bandage dress! I cover her long slim legs!
My wonderful hubby! Thank you for all the wonderful photos!
Met Arnie, Kelly, and Paul while rummaging the Superb bazaar!

I enjoyed the night so much! :) Actually finished it by eating some cake pops from my love Kamille!:) 


  1. wow !that DIY dress is so gorgeous ^^

  2. Super love the photos, sis!! :) It was really great to see you, bet na bet ko yung beso photo natin! Haha miss na kita! :(


  3. Aww, how come I didn't see you that night? :( I was at Oxygen too and with the same people you saw! Hahaha. See you again soon :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  4. So nice to see you that night, kahit sandali lang. :)

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  5. You girls looked fabulous! I can't believe that's a DIY dress, great work. :)


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