Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day With Maxine Misa

Like I said before in facebook and in twitter, I had a meet-up recently with a celebrity last week! I am beyond honored to be chosen by her to sponsor some of her clothes and accessories!

Here are the few photos hubby took that day...
Maxine and I, wearing our own cobweb necklaces!:) She's so tall! I suddenly felt short haha!
We had our meet-up at Red Mango Trinoma! It's a perfect place to chill and have some chat .
Maxine is peeking right-through the packages I gave her! I am so happy that she liked the clothes and accessories I gave her! I can't wait to see her wear them!:)
Thank you Maxine and Ms. Jenneth for choosing me!:) Please do watch Prince and I everynight at Primetime bida! Maxine is playing the role of the pretty mean girl, Steph! She may be the mean girl in Princess and I but she's so very kind and sweet in person!:) She is such a Filipina beauty!

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  1. She's very pretty! <3 And I know she'll really look good with those clothes and accessories you gave her Ms. Simone! :)


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