Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Like A Zebra

A 2-minute outfit I composed when I was rushing for a meeting weeks ago!haha! I just grabbed whatever I saw in my closet and did a bit of styling tricks to match them all together! Good thing everything looks just fine.

Btw, I am experiencing "wardrobe blues" haha! I have been getting emotional while I look inside my closet and while I inventory the clothes I have (yes I do that!) I just realized that I have lots of clothes I need to invest in and lots of clothes I need to give away. I am starting to take-out clothes I don't like anymore and give them perhaps to charity. Oh well enough of my rants haha! 

I am cooking up a giveaway and hopefully I will be able to release it sooner! Just stay-tuned here alright? I have to go, need to finish lots of work stuffs! HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD!:)

top- Landmark
flats- Shoe Gallery
necklace-Simone's Closet

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  1. like ko tlga the neckpiece!!!:))


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