Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why I love Maybelline

Most of you does not know that I am such a make-up lover. It all started when I was in college. We had an acquaintance party then and I knew I had to be at my best so I have to know how I'm gonna apply make-up to myself. The first time I tried putting some on my face, I just looked like a clown with too dark eye shadows and too red lips haha! But with constant practice, and a bit of watching make-up tutorials, I got the right trick on applying!

One of the make-up brands my mom and I love is MAYBELLINE. I must say, among the foreign brands of make-up I have seen in the malls, this one offers quality and affordable price. I am not much a fan of  too expensive make-ups, not unless, I really liked it. I still spend much on shoes and bags. Maybelline is jsut the perfect combination of quality and affordability for me.

Here let me show you what I recently got:

*2 MOISTURE EXTREME LIPSTICKS in both shades of brown, the other one is chestnut shade and the other I forgot haha but I both love them! Swear they really make your lips soft, smooth and shiny! I still find brownish shades of lipsticks sexier than the red hues.

* HYPER SHARP EYE LINER which is my number favorite!!!!I cannot live without this on my eyes! I have fairly small eyes and this one can turn my eyes bigger and more attractive! I suggest you go get one too!

*BERRY LIP BALM the smell is so yummy and the taste too! I use this daily whenever my lips come a bit choppy. 

*BB CREAM another number 1 favorite from Maybelline! This is so nice and even outs blemishes plus it can go alone even without foundation! It makes your face smooth no matter how much foundation and powder you put on. 

DO YOU LOVE MY MAKE-UP IN THIS PHOTO? haha! I did this myself using those pieces above! I am so happy with the result! :) I am now thinking to do a make-up video tutorial! Some are asking me how do I do my smokey eyes! I shall think about it haha! I am not so good in videos but I will try to make one:)

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  1. Looking so pretty sis! :) Love your Maybelline haul!



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