Sunday, May 6, 2012

SUNDAY MUSIC: Everywhere Everything by This Century

Hi girls! how are you doing? Sorry for not blogging yesterday! I was invited to a special and fun intimate event along with other bloggers. I thought I was able to come home early but right after the event we went straight for dinner that's why I came home late and tired, but definitely happy! Do not worry I will share with you all on the coming days what had happened yesterday.

Anyway this song is my obsession for the week. Heard this from the movie The Lucky One which I heart Zac Efron's hot body!haha! I would also like to thank everyone for the support you gave to my CIRCUS COLLECTION! The items are almost sold-out! I have exciting plans for Simone's Closet this year and one of which is our upcoming bazaar this June at Makati! I will blog more about it soon! 

For now I gotta go, my TV is broken so I am gonna go buy another one! :) Tomorrow I am gonna announce the winners on my BRAID BRACELET GIVEAWAY (blog version) who do you think will get those pretty braid bracelets? Anyhoo, just stay-tuned for more blog posts tomorrow! :) 


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