Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 Hi girls! How are you doing lately? I miss you all and it feels like I was gone for so long. I was MIA for 3 to 4 days straight, and wasn't able to blog about my outfits and my latest adventures. 

I just took a break off from the cyber world. I work 12 hours in front of the computer plus additional 5 hours for Simone's Closet which made me feel exhausted these past few days. I felt the need to unwind and breath some fresh air. I've missed going out looking at the stars. To eat with the family. To laugh and to walk without thinking about time. YES I indeed left ALL my work stuffs at home and enjoyed with my loved ones outside.

I was also depressed in the last few days about some issues regarding online shopping most especially about a shop who is trying to break Simone's Closet. You know how much I love my shop, and I have been silent about some issues, but this one's I really cannot pass. Good thing I did the right decision and now everything is fine. I always choose my battle and I want it as much as possible to be peaceful.

Anyway, I AM BACK and will be blogging more about my adventures. I have so much stories to tell and I cannot wait to begin blogging about them! So stay-tuned.

To those who supported our CIRCUS COLLECTION, thank you so much! We have almost 100 pieces of items in-store! so go check-out our shop! :)

I hope you are all really doing great despite the uber 37 degrees temperature! I really wanna soak myself in a kiddie pool full with ice! haha!


  1. Hi Denise! I haven't blogged about the stuff you gave me, Just got home from vacation this week :) Promise to post it soon sorry for the delay

    Kaye Awatin

    1. no worries Kaye! we all need some time to relax. I understand! :) No worries about it! can't wait to see you wear them! :)

  2. You look so beautiful in those shots, sis! :) And as always, if you need me, I'm just a tweet/text away! :)


  3. I hope you're doing okay now, Denise! Your loyal readers are always here for you!



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