Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Real-time Update: The Ramp show

I was not able to blog yesterday (I am so sorry) hehe. I was out the whole morning for Marise, buying some stuffs for school. Then last night I was with ze hubby for the The Ramp show! Yesterday was the first day of the Philippine Fashion Week and I am so honored to be invited to attend one show! I got tweets from readers saying they were too, and I am so sad I wasn't able to meet you all! haha tunay nga na malaki ang SMX at di ko kayo nakita :) But I will be watching again this Friday on the Oxygen show. Will I see you there? :)

I shall edit photos first and will share with you my outfit and the outtakes last night!:) 


  1. I'll be there on Friday. See you :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  2. I didn't see you!! I was there also :(

  3. Judging from the angle of your shot, you were somewhere behind me! :( I'll be there on Friday, though! Hope to see you :)

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    1. oh nos sayang! I even saw pax and paul nga din that night eh but they were on the other side! :) I will be watching oxygen tom!!! see you!:)


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