Monday, May 14, 2012

Hotel Paper

How you guys doing? How was your mom's day celebration? Mine's pretty good and tiring but definitely fun! I will share with you some photos this week! For now, I just wanna share another favorite outfit of mine! I got this hotel/motel loose top on my recent ukay trip! And wow it's a love at first sight!!! Right then and there upon seeing it hanging on the rack, I knew how it will blend well with my orange bandage skirt! I am such a comfort-over-fashion-lady, and I will never surrender comfort over being fashionable. Well you can always balance them to have such fashionable yet comfy look right?! :)

 printed top- thrifted
bandage skirt-random
sandals- Parisian
necklace- Sugar Coated
bag- Kultura


  1. love your top it gives accent to you outfit! btw saw your blog love it, i just followed you. keep posting and i'll be reading it =)

  2. belated happy mothers day :) & i love your top denise!! :D and what a cute little girl :) she looks like a doll :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  3. LOVE YOUR TOP, SIS! :) Best prints ever!


  4. belated happy mother's day!!! Very cool outfit miss denise! :) love it!


  5. Love the colors Denise! Super ganda! Summer na summer! :)


  6. gorgeous top!! :D i miss ukay shopping :)



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