Friday, May 11, 2012


Yes you got it right! Just like the other girls (or you) I do have my "dressed-down" days too and that usually happens when I run errands for Simone's Closet like going to the bank, shopping for materials, and going to suppliers! 

Recently, I went to meet Andie at New Manila to get my stuffs for my shop. She kept my things after we sell on the Alabama bazaar. I was really not in the mood to dress-up since that day is the very next day after I had a very tiring shoot for an international make-up brand. And I was really feeling so tired that day; so I just jump-out of bed and picked my basic pieces. 

top- thrifted
pants- Bench
sandals- Forever 21
bag- gift


Here are a bit of photos I have when I met-up with Andie. We went to BOnchon for lunch. It was her first time there and I am glad she liked it! Bonchon is my favorite and I wanted someone who will also get addicted to it so the next time I crave for their chicken, I know who's to come with me.haha!

Andie and her new hair do! It suits her well, but I don't think I will look good on this very short hair haha! Tingnan mo si kuya tumngin pa sa camera haha!

Then we went to FOREVER 21 SM The Block. Roam around and did some window shopping and had merienda at Impressca while chit-chatting. 

Andie and I have some pretty much of similarities. We always love talking about business, crafting, and lovelife?haha! This day has got to be the most unplanned day of my life! I never go out of the house without any plans in mind as in never. But this day was different. It was like my feet brought me to where they want to go haha!

How about you do you have your "dressed-down" moments and unplanned trips too? 

TO ALL THE MOMS LIKE ME, Ava, Jen, Angeline, Andie...and the rest of the wonder moms in the world, ADVANCED HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO US! :)


  1. Happy Mom's day! Hope to meet you in person Denise :) I already met Jen and Kai and others from Pinoy bloggers

  2. I agree with the dress down but still the top is wild! :)



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