Monday, April 16, 2012

Where Was I?

Saturday -selling with ANDIE of The Pinup Girl! :)
Sunday -accessories -crafting after grocery shopping! :) 
How are you girls and boys?! I was MIA for 2 days straight due to lots of activities I did starting last Friday. here it goes:

FRIDAY: I had a shoot with TATIE AQUINO for my real job. Went homes really late and tired. Imagine riding a fully loaded bus, STANDING WHILE HOLDING TWO HEAVY BAGS, from Makati to UST! Gosh no more gentlemen out there, so sad! Only if hubby was with me that day, it won't happen.

SATURDAY : Hardly even got a chance to do a scheduled post. Woke up really late and not feeling well due to my painful legs caused my by 1 and half hours of standing inside the bus. Went straight to the fair I joined which will I blog on the coming days! 

SUNDAY: Did some grocery shopping even if I am not feeling well, in the morning, came home around 3pm and did lotsa stuffs for the 37th collection! Watch-out for the release on the 28th! :)  

IMAGINE doing all of these, plus babysitting my moody baby Marise in between, is such a hella roller coaster ride! But I am back,  will post a lot of blog updates today to make it up for the 2 days I was MIA! 

before I leave, here's a song I am obsessing about, even you too I know! haha LSS it is!


  1. Love the Ribbon rings!! So cute <3


  2. Cute rings!!



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