Sunday, April 8, 2012

SUNDAY MUSIC: September by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Happy Easter everyone! :) I know most of you are enjoying this day for some easter egg hunt. I would love to do it too with Marise but I can smell overloaded malls, so we just chose to stay at home now and go malling instead tomorrow hehe. 

For now, I am crafting loads of accessories for you all, and three blog giveaways I sponsored to some of my blogger friends. While doing accessories, I am enjoying the hit songs of EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE. Do you know that band too?! I am such an 80s and 90s baby! 

by the way on Tuesday I will be answering again batch of questions from  the HANDMADE ACCESSORIES GIVEAWAY! So watch-out for that! 

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Easter!!!


  1. love that song! reminds me of prom. :)

  2. Love this song! makes me want to dance!



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