Sunday, April 8, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: Lamesa Grill

We love to eat. That is a fact. haha! So whenever we go out, we always have to agree on one restaurant to try out. We were supposed to eat at Dencio's but most of their specialties in the menu were not available to we had to transfer. We went to LAMESA GRILL INSTEAD. It's our first time there and we just love how beautiful it is inside. I wasn't able to take that much photos of the interiors because there were many customers inside.

LAMESA GRILL's menu is all Filipino cuisine and you'll definitely love every bit of Pinoy food in there. We ordered the grill platter which consists of grilled pork, seafoods and beef. Then kare-kare, and kangkong with garlic. For starters we had molo soup, which Marise loves the most. For dessert,buko pandan, ginumis and mais con yelo! Yummy! 

Oh well, another night wherein diet has to be set aside haha! Do you love trying different restaurants too with your family? :)

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  1. The food looks good!



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