Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things I Love To Do: Collect Shoes

well I think most girls are! haha! But I do mine under such a strict rule.I only buy one pair monthly, either a pair of flats or heels. haha! I am going to add another pair on my next pay day!haha! :) Try challenging yourself too, to just buy one pair of shoes monthly and you'll see how big amount of money you can save! :)

HAVE A LOVELY SATURDAY GIRLS! :) I am off to do lots of accessories for Simone's Closet summer collection!

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  1. that's quite a bunch. i love! :)

  2. thank dred! but I am sure you have MORE shoes than me! haha! :)

  3. love your collection! very organized as well :)

  4. Replies
    1. How lovely!:)
      ako naman every payday so twice a month!:)
      but now not soo much am still hang up on my lipstick obsession.hahaha

  5. Funny, I have the same rule to myself. Only one pair per month/payday. It's really effective, though I kinda find it hard to apply the same rule when it comes to shopping on my clothes. Lol.

    ♥ Joana

  6. i buy minimum 2 pairs of shoes a week so that is 8 pairs of shoes a month! holly molly i'll try your advise dear!:-)

  7. i wish i had a shoe rack like yours to arrange mine -_- love your collection!

  8. I love shoes ♥

  9. OMG you have so many shoes!!! And I love how you actually have space to store 'em so neatly! (mine are all over the house!)


  10. That's quite a collection there. Its hard to resist lovely shoes!:)

  11. I love shoes too! Even just browsing on sites that sell shoes makes me happy! :)


  12. Nice shoe collection! and it's organized properly, love it!

    Kaye Awatin

  13. Wow! You do have a lot of shoes and I envy you for that. :/ I cant have a lot of shoes because of my size and its too expensive. By the way, since I've heard about your blog, I cant stop myself updating with your latest outfit posts and of course your creative side, I mean your craft. I love them but I didn't get a chance to try them but I would love to. :) xoxo

    -xus (


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