Friday, March 9, 2012



When I was a little girl and just starting to draw a rainbow, I find it hard to memorize the colors of it. So I asked my teacher how not to forget the colors of the rainbow. She told me to keep in mind ROYGBIV. And that began, my never-ending love for sketching rainbows. I even thought I can slide on top of it and fall on a pool of marshmallows haha!

Anyway, the top I am wearing reminds me of the colorful rainbow. I love the colors and its print. I got this last year while shooting my feature segment for 700 Club Asia. It is one of the comfiest tops inside my closet.

How was your day girls? :) I hope you are all doing great! Don't forget to join my giveaway! Click the icon on the upper right corner to join! :)

top- thrifted
bandage skirt- random brand
tights- SM
wedges- Parisian Jr. 
detachable collar- The Pinup Girl Store


  1. love the look Denise!:)


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  2. i love your top:) you look great always! follow you!:)

  3. Love the whole look :) the collar seems like its part of the top!

  4. i love your feather print shirt! :)

  5. Cute top! Love it!



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