Monday, March 26, 2012

The Poet Speaks Of Art

Hi girls! just a quick outfit post before I dive to my pool of work stuffs. I am so busy these days that even going to the cr is sometimes forgotten haha!But anyway this is what I wore weeks ago, one hot Sunday at the mall with my family. This shirt is from hubby. He thrifted this years ago and gave it to me. I am lovin the print so much and how comfortable it is. Best for such a humid hot day.

I also met Almira, to hand her the prizes she won on my EDGY AND BOHO GIVEAWAY. She is such a darling and no to mention, so cute! I even envy her skirt! haha! 

It was nice to meet you Almira! :) Hoping to have a coffee date with you soon!

How's your Monday so far? 

top- from hubby
pants- Landmark
flats- B club
necklace- Simone's Closet
ring- Quiapo


  1. aww cute!:) love the look too!

  2. Love your top, sis! :) Almira also won one of my birthday giveaways before, and I agree that she's such a darling! Coffee date with you two, yes? ;)


  3. Love your top Denise!



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