Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things I Love To Do: Shoot and Read

Lately I have been posting about my outfits and some photo diaries of what I recently did. Today I thought of sharing with you something you don't know about me.

Not that I am anti-social or snob haha believe me I am friendly super! I love meeting new people. But even you would agree that if you feel like doing some vain shots of yourself, you'd rather be alone than be in front of someone who doesn't have a clue why you are doing this thing haha! Right?! right! haha!

So I style myself, do my own make-up and hair, set-up my own tripod and camera, and run as quickly as I can to do my pose. Imagine beating-up 10seconds until you do your pose and hold your breathe for a bit haha!

The photo below is just my favorite from the bunch of photos I took for the L.O.V.E Collection of Simone's Closet. I just love how this denim dress hugs my curves haha! In fairness, I don't look so chubby in here haha! By the way if you like this dress, it's still available!

May it be local or foreign magazines, or back issues, I don't really care. Just as long as I get some fashion inspirations and concepts for Simone's Closet, and for my day job, I read them! Sometimes I cut the photos I love, but I stop it since it's hard to read again the magazines with holes and cuts right? haha! 

Lately, I am obsessed with these foreign magazines because I am currently doing a project for my work that I am so excited about. My favorite of all is Lucky mag and Glamour mag. I get to see lots of fashion blogger features that are so very inspiring. Go read them to find-out!

So how about you what do you love to do? I hope you did enjoy this post.
 I'll see you again next week for another THINGS I LOVE TO DO. :) 


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