Saturday, February 25, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: Handmade With Love

Among the few friends I have known here in the blogging community, is Andie of The Pinup Girl Store. We met last August 2011.. Though we have known each other for a couple of months only, I easily found a friend in her. :)

We seldom see each other but we communicate online, and last week we had a short chat at Red Mango and had a quick catch-up with each other. I really missed you Andie! :)

We talked a lot and she showed me some of the handmade bows and collar I ordered from her shop. I was actually having a hard time choosing which bows to get so I have decided to get the gray and the pink bows. Aren't they lovely? And see the purple collar? Ahhh, it is just so perfect!  I cannot wait to style these pieces in my outfits to come!

If you like handmade quirky bows and collars at a very reasonable price, head on at The Pinup Girl Store! I am sure you won't leave without a bow or two! Such cute items right? All handmade by Andy! We both love anything handmade! :) 

How is your Saturday so far? :)  I feel like I wanted to go to the beach, so hot right now! :)

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  1. luveettt mare. hay antaba ko na talga! more lunch dates to come!


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