Friday, February 24, 2012

From Point A To Point B

I guess when I became a mom, I've learned to balance comfort and style. Sometimes more of comfort haha! Because when you are a mom, you not only dress-up for yourself, but for the situation you are in with your kid. I have a very hyper lil girl which demands me most of the time to be in close encounter with her or else such accident will occur. So when I bring her to malls or whenever we go out, dressing-up is such a big challenge.  There's always in me that I wanted to wear the exact outfit that I imagined at first, but I will edit it minutes before I step-out of my room just to make sure I am geared enough to run and jump. haha! And because of that, there's little room for wearing heels and ill-fitting skirts no matter how much I like wearing them.  Well at least, once or twice a week I get to walk in four-inch heels even just for photo purposes haha! :)

polka dot shirt- thrifted
shorts- DIY
flats- DIVI
necklaces- Landmark
bangles- random


  1. Haha you're a smart dresser mommy! I see a lot of those fashionable mommies who are having a hard time watching over their kiddos cuz of their sky high heels and uncomfy clothes....

    1. haha thanks Nikki! Natry ko na hhabulin si Marise ng nakatakong, talo ako di ko sya mahabol ahaha! :)

  2. Lovely flats! And natawa ako sa title. Engineering student kasi ako so yeah :))

    Almira :)

    1. aww thank you Almira haha! :) bigla lang pumasok sa isip ko ung title, bagay naman eh haha :)


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