Friday, February 3, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: Girls' Day Out

If there's one thing that mom, I and Marise have in common, that is our love for fashion. Mom loves to dress-up when she was in her early years and I was able to snag vintage pieces from her closet which only shows how fasyon she is. Marise loves dressing-up too since she always see me in stylish outfits.  She even loves clothes from Gingersnaps. :) But aside from our love for fashion, we also love to stroll inside Trinoma haha! Last Saturday we were just there, strolling around and did some little shopping for our kitchen and for Marise's stuffs. And of course we ended the night over a delicious dinner. I just love this kind of girl bonding, this is my simple way of veering away from stress :)

How's your Friday night so far girls? :)


  1. Marise is soooo chic!!! That kid should put up her own fashion blog!! Hehe

    1. haha thanks nikki! :) tama ka jan! pag mga 5 years old na sya at di malikot picturan, gagawan ko sya ng blog nya haha! :)

  2. excited for marise to grow up and you could both be a fashionable duo!

  3. You girls are fab!


  4. Hehe.. ang cute ni marise... super... i love her hair! may pag ka blond.


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