Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smooth Criminal

photos by hubby

I can really say that my style evolves around two things, comfort and style. I had one period in my life (that was when I was still working in an advertising agency) when all I could think of is to wear a look that I always think of inside my head. I wore high heels, frilly skirts, thick tights to work and even put-on my hat to finish the look, but I get  tired of it especially that I commute everyday and that choice to look fashionable over to be more practical has lead me to somewhat rediscover what my style really is. I am a commuter (and I know a lot of you can relate) and being too dressy for a jeepney ride is a big no-no! Yes you can be fasyon, but at least try to be a bit "normal" to the eyes of many since you don't want to magnet evil vibes right? haha! And when I say it's normal, that means a fasyon outfit sans the heels. hehe! I seem to get used to this look and I must say, I love it! I love flats and boots more than wedges and high heels though I use them for photo shoots, but in real life when walking along the streets is the game, flats is my ultimate bestfriend!

By the way I wore this look last Saturday at the BLOGGERS UNITED 2, and I must say, I got a lot of good  feedback in this outfit! I have more backlog posts to share but since I am still on a high with the BU2 event, I thought I can share first what I wore on that day! More about the event soon! :)  Again to all my blog readers who I met that day, thank you, most especially to Lilli Abatayo! :)

black shirt- Bench
pants- random brand
flats- Pill
chain necklaces- Landmark
gray fabric necklace- Simone's Closet
canvass bag- Kultura Filipino
bangles- random brand
braided wrap bracelet- Simone's Closet
hat- SM


  1. you look so pretty denise :) i love the whole outfit especially your bag , ang ganda :DD hehe!


  2. Love this look, sis! Too bad we weren't able to see each other!!! :( Next time maybe!



  3. I love this outfit on you!! :) sexy!

  4. Nice to finally meet you in person denise! and i love this outfit of yours! :)

  5. Nice seeing you last Sat Denise! Sayang on the go kaya hi lang ang nasabi ko hay :p But BUT you look sooo pretty a! :D
    Thank you again for supporting bloggers united! Till next!!

  6. i love this look. you are so pretty. sayang di tayo nag-abot last saturday.

  7. you look effortlessly chic denise! so pretty too! love love the whole ensemble! =)

    I Am Dollparts

  8. love this look! ^^ where did u buy your pants? I want one=)

  9. Hello Denise!
    I looove your look here. Very laidback and casual but with an androgynous feel. Loove! :))
    I hate commuting in heels that's also a big no-no for me. No matter how I like to be all dolled up, I don't want to attract bad vibes that's why I always resort to wearing flats! ;)

  10. I wouldn't comment if I didn't like what I saw.. I love your look.. specially your bag..I'm such a huge fan of bags!! :)

  11. hahaha..thank you ms. denise..for mentioning my name here..grabe ka po tlaga pinapasabog mo puso ko!!!!name ko palang yan loloka na ko!!
    anyweiz love your outfit here very casual but yet you looked beautiful!!lutang na lutang..galing ng hubby mo..love your necklace and shoes as well.

    and tama po tlaga mga sinabi mo dito..bad vibes talaga hehe..

    love you po!!more power to your blog..♥♥♥ :))

  12. I love this outfit! I might imitate your outfit Ms. Denise :) Swear! I love this ♥

  13. This is my fave outfit of yours so far!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! =)

    -Nina of tohonesuckledays.blogspot.com

  14. I really love your style, it's chic, bohemian, edgy all at the same time :)



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