Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PHOTO DIARY: Bloggers United 2

I know this post is long overdue but then I would like to share with you some of the photos I have in my camera last Bloggers United 2! I have like 300 photos captured that day, chose a few and here they are...

met Jessa and Dianne at the entrance. I was about to go inside pa lang pero pauwi na sila ehehe :)
with Ava :)
with Sarah, Ava, and Gella (rhyming ah haha!)
bought this cutesy tunic top from Bestie! :)
missed this girl super! Alex Lapa! :)
first time to see her in person, and Reg is so tall! Pang Ms. Universe lang! hehe
with Aisa and her vintage nautical outfit! Ako na ang maliit hehe ! :)
with pretty and sweet Vern! :) 
with Krissy :)
shopping over at Krissy's booth! bought a bag for my mom! :)
Sock and Sole booth! I bought patterned tights and socks! Met Arianna too of A plus B in the sea :)
oh gosh forgot her name! If you are reading this kindly comment below! I super love this girl she is so sweet! :)
now with Jonessa and Nicole I love their outfits!:)
and oh my I am a fan of this bubbly girl and when I met her there I just screamed out of happiness!!! I so love Reese's sense of style! :) 
A.K.A The Hat team! haha! with blog sister Aie and her gorgeous bag! :)
with Bestie! My ever so pretty muse for Simone's Closet :) 
with the PR Guy himself, Paul with Apple (her 1100 Canon camera)  ----oh rhyming again haha! :)
guess who is trying to hide??? hmmmm... :)
last but definitely not the least, a photo with my ever lovey dovey blogger, Kookie! I was searching for her the whole time I was there, pero Kookie was so busy with photo-ops so sabi ko na lang,  I'll just go home even without a photo with her. But when I went out of Treston I heard someone calling me, and hey it's Kookie! Of course, that moment is so precious! I grabbed the chance to chat with her and have a photo with her too! I so love you Kookie to bits! :) I hope you'll be able to read this! :) You always look beautiful and fierce! :)

I am looking forward to the next Bloggers United event, I know it will be a hit too! Congrats to Aisa, Ana and Melai and the rest of the team for the wonderful event!


  1. Her name is GIE :) I agree! she's sweet talaga! :)

  2. Damn, I wish I was there too! :( Sana may 3rd pa! ^___^

  3. Too bad I missed to see you that day, no picture together :( next time promise? :)



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