Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking So Cazh...

Casual. Hahaha! Well just wanna share to you all how I look like when I am just running around errands, like shopping for accessories materials, sourcing new suppliers, or going to ukay shops. I am just wearing my pair of comfy shorts, sandals, and of course a baggy top and a big big bag! 

Sometimes I just wanna live with this outfit, ang comfy! But then, I am born to dress-up so even my casual looks, I'd still like it to look a bit different! And that is where my skills in accessorizing is being practiced haha!

How about you what is your running-around-errands-look? :)

top- thrifted
shorts- Landmark


  1. you're becoming prettier and prettier ah.. :)
    what's your secret? :)

  2. hahaha @babyanne THANK YOU my gosh walang secret secret baasta smile lang lage even if you feel not good at all :)

  3. love the top and the necklace!
    and I agree, you look sooo pretty here!

  4. Great casual look that necklace definitely gave a plus to your outfit!



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