Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's How You Stand After You Fall

Wore this outfit few weeks ago when we did some Christmas shopping. I opted for something comfy but stylish. It's hard to carry loads of stuffs while you are on a floor-length skirt haha! Thus I opted for a good pair of denim shorts and wore my trusty flats.

Are you excited for 2012 already? Me, I am not, I actually don't have feelings for it, but I hope and pray it will be a good year for me and for all of us. I feel so negative, forgive me girls, I don't know why but I do hope I will be able to surpass whatever it is I am going through.

I need good vibes :)

blazer- SNR
top- DIVI
shorts- DIY
belt- Fashion Rev Manila bazaar
flats- Parisian
hat- SM
bag- Kultura Filipino


  1. i like your shorts ate denise. haha. :)) ur outfit still looks stylish. :D

  2. i love your shoes! You look really cute :)

    Kisses! xxx

  3. I love the blazer, ate Denise!
    And the shots are lovely!

    Stay fab!


  4. Nice blazer! :) love how chill your outfit is yet still edgy



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