Monday, December 19, 2011

As Seen From My Camera #3: 10A Alabama

Real beauty do not need editing or any added effects, that beauty alone will stand on its own... and that I can see truly at the 10A Alabama art gallery and restaurant. These photos were captured using my canon eos camera, and uploaded straight right here, no editing or adjustments, just as they are. I have never seen a place like this. Authentic, antique, vintage, original, unique, creative, surreal...these words explain how much I feel in this place. I was not able to capture every single corner of the place, but I tell you, this is a place you need to see yourself. I am thankful I had the chance to see it, and even participate on its 6th cycle of arts and crafts bazaar. I felt like home, where my little handmade creations belong, and had a chance to shine on its own. I will definitely go back here. <3


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