Monday, November 14, 2011

Star City

So here are the photos of what had happened the day we went to Star City. It was such a fun day, though we didn't took any rides since Marise is still not capable of withstanding too fast and high rides. Instead, we just went to different attractions, saw Peter Pan's world and the Land Of Giants. 

I guess we were only able to ride the merry-go-round which made us three all dizzy haha! But nonetheless I still love the fancy feel of it. I just love simple family bondings like this, you can really spend quality time with your dear loved ones. 

This coming weekend we will be bonding again at the Fashion Rev Manila bazaar in Ortigas! So I'll see you there okay? You will meet my ever cutie-pie daughter! haha!

PS: I am looking for any bazaars in the north or in universities or schools.  I really wanna participate it is just that I don't know any. hehe 

I have lots of posts I wanna share with you all so stay-tuned!


  1. Cutie! :"""> I love your outfit. Awww, cute daughter! :)


  2. Super cute baby...and i love your stylish...hope to see both of you soon... =) ♥

  3. thanks girls for the lovely comments! :)


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