Monday, November 14, 2011

Jelly Flats and Cutesy Tumblers

Since the weather is yet again bipolar, sunny in the morning then rainy in the evening (or vice-versa) I need to arm myself with a pair of good flats that will withstand rain drops. When I saw this pair I knew it is a good buy, best for the rainy weather! Lovin this jelly shoes by Redcat.

And of course, because hubby and I likes pretty stuffs, these tumblers from Kultura Filipino are just too cute to pass-by, so I grabbed these two and gave the jeepney tumbler to hubby! I love the designs, so Pinoy!

How about you what are your recent splurges? I have one more yet to share with you girls on the coming posts! It is an impulse buy but it is on sale so it is not bad at all! haha! Do you have an idea what it is? :)


  1. cute jelly flats and very patriotic tumblers! love! :)

  2. Oooh I saw the Kultura tumbler again. My my my!! And I like your jelly flats, sis!



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