Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Shopping!

If you want to shop already for your clothes this Holiday season, take the stress away by shopping online in Simone's Closet. All items are sold at an affordable price plus get a freebie per item you got!

Here are the available items you can choose from:

After shopping for the perfect outfit, try to spice-up your look with these lovely accessories...

Prices ranges from P100 - P350!!! So  affordable right?! Go visit Simone's Closet now to shop!


  1. Omy! great pieces! is that galaxy printed dress?
    I've been wanting to have one! :)


  2. Darn it!! Why do stores release the BEST pieces during the holidays? It makes it so hard to abstain from buying for yourself!! :( I'm supposed to spend for others instead. Ahhh so much things I want!!! :s

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