Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Spent my Sunday with my family. Before sharing what happened that day, here is my outfit first. This is how I look like when I go to SM to do some grocery shopping...
top+ shorts+ flats haha!
comfy oxfords perfect for a lot of walking :)

My dad and Marise asked me to accompany them to Timezone...

and oh my, they both had a blast! I cant believe dad played the "hummer-the-frog" game haha! He even top scored it and got tickets yey!
here they are in action haha! They are killing the fire before the building gets burnt haha!

it's a sign, Halloween season is here! and see that boy on the background? So freaky! haha!
Marise lovin the wicked witch ahahaa!

and here we are happy but tired! And that ends our family Sundate! :)

How about you what do you do every weekends with your family? :)


  1. Love the shoes and bag!

  2. Fasyon talaga sis! :)


  3. love love your shoes! :)


  4. This is such a cute outfit, Denise! And love the curly hair on you!

  5. cute, marise!:) and love the family post :) your outfit is perfect for sundate!

  6. Love the bag! your daughter is a cutie! she looks just like you! :) and I love Sunday with the family! :)

  7. You're really rocking the curly hair!! :) So cute on you. Love your shoes btw. What a fun sundate! :)

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