Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Quick Curly Mom

Seriously speaking, dressing-up when you are a mom with a kid that's so hyper when she knows she's going to the mall, is very challenging. The feeling when you need to put make-up on and get dressed in just 15 minutes is mind-boggling, BUT exciting! 

And that exact same feeling happened the other day when we went to the mall, hence this red and stripes outfit. hehe! But I love it when I tend to wear the clothes I first sighted, work it out and voila! That leaves me also to the idea of investing more on tailored shorts, tops, flat shoes, dresses, pants and blazers--- these are rather easier to mix and match and not to mention, will not be out of fashion even when the trends start to fade. 

Oh and by the way, mom took these pictures! I think I am prepping-up a soon-to-be photographer haha! :)

red blazer- thrifted
stripes top-thrifted
flats-Archive Clothing
bangles-hubby's gift


  1. Super cute! And tres chic, my dear. (: matagal ko nang pangarap maka-ukay ng nice red blazer but I haven't gotten lucky yet. Sob. :(

  2. Bestie: thanks babe! nako sige ihahanap kita ng red blazer this weekend sa suki ko na ukay hehe. mahirap talaga maghanap ng red blazer sa ukay hehe swertihan lang hehe :)

    Nix: thank you! COmfort is an important factor for me when dressing-up :)

  3. You look beautiful and your daughter is so cute :)

  4. Stunning pretty mommy you are! :D I like the adrenaline rushing on me when I need to dress up within 10min. HAHA! :D

  5. I agree with you. It's so hard to look fashionable when you have to rush out and when you know that you'll be running after your kid all day. Lol. You do it so effortlessly, though. :)

  6. galing ni mom kumuha ng pics:0 super.

  7. are you seriously a mother? WOW!! You look like you're age and your body is smokin' hot!!

  8. cool mom!! :) anyway, i super like the whole look, loving your curly hair tho. :)


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