Monday, October 10, 2011

The Kid In Me

AND I AM BACK! My gosh I feel like I was gone for a year haha! PLDT DSL is really getting into my nerves! Poor internet connection +poor service=mad me! But anyway, I don't wanna rant about my frustration, and anger over PLDT, I've had enough.

I just want to share with you, my...

 ...kiddie-like outfit! And yes I am wearing again my red peter-pan collar! :) I love it to bits! It adds an air of quirkiness to any outfit! And, how do I look with my eyeglasses on? haha! I know I look like manang, but it's better that way, than having a severe headache due to my astigmatism! :)

And because of my poor internet connection that ruined my plans for this day, I will be announcing the winner on Thursday instead, OCTOBER 13, 2011, and the new giveaway too! Sorry for the delay, but I hope you do understand!

Lastly, if you are a blogger, and you want to meet me and the other bloggers too, go attend to KULTURA FILIPINO HOLIDAY COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW! Go to the link to know more about the details! :)

Goodbye for now, tomorrow is another day, need to rest now! :)

stripes top- SM
red dress worn as skirt- Secret Paris
heels- F21 bought from Belle
peter pan collar- PINUP Girl Store
bow clip- PINUP Girl Store


  1. pretty ans imple! love it! :*

  2. hangkyut ng outfit! very pretty. =)

  3. love this!:) very cute indeed! the collar super want!

  4. Perfect overall outfit! Is that a choker? I dont think it's needed. The rest fall into place.

  5. You look sweet and cute. Love the geekchic X nautical theme in this outfit! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. very cute and girly..i like it :)


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