Monday, October 3, 2011

The Fringe And The Fur

Feeling country girl again, hence I am wearing my boots again plus my fringe top. I am lovin' anything fringe now, but I am completely inlove with fringe tank tops and shirts that I have seen at NAVA shop. I will definitely get one for myself some time in December (too early to shop now haha)

It's Monday once again, and have you noticed how fast time flies? It's like when I knew for a second, it's already 5pm. I guess with the plenty of things I have in my plate now, time really is a race. hehe. 

I'd like to say that this weekend, I am super productive. I am studying how to sew a simple maxi skirt, but I think sewing does not love me...saaaddd :( It's hard to sew garters oh my. BUT... I won't give-up I will get the technique, in time. hehe. 

For now, I have to work, do articles for my lingerie brand, send emails and proposals, and a whole lot more. I hope you are all enjoying your Monday!

blue fringe top- thrifted
denim shorts- thrifted
tights- SM
boots- NAVA
fur crop jacket- thrifted


  1. Love your outfit, sis! :) Despite the busyness sa schedule, you still manage to do ootd shots!! Love it!! ♥ MISS YOU! See you on Thurs!


  2. i think your outfit is perfect!!

  3. Your boots are so cool and I've always loved the combination between electic blue and brown ;x Great job!


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