Friday, September 30, 2011

West Coast Time

One day I feel like I wanna live in the West Coast area of US, particularly in Arizona, dress like a country girl, sit near the cactus, wear my cowboy hat and boots, sip lemonade and enjoy the heat- hence this look haha!

 I am currently obsessed with my new boots that all I wanted to wear is this pair alone. haha! Does that happened to you too?

These photos were taken near the road, good thing there were no passers-by that day. haha! Sometimes it's annoying when you see people stare at you while you do pacute poses infront of the camera, but I think I am starting to get used to it haha!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for me because I will be shopping for Simone's Closet, and will do lots and lots of accessories for my shop! That, for me is my way of spending my weekends. I am just a house-person (if there's such a term) haha! 

PS: A biggest thank you to all of my dear readers who are always dropping a comment on my posts. I may not reply to each and every one of you, due to my super kaduper busy life, but still, I WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND MY APPRECIATION FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SWEET WORDS YOU ARE GIVING ME.
I always read your comments, and promise, ang laki lang ng ngiti ko pagnababasa ko. I may not be a superstar blogger, and offer you super interesting outfit photos, but I do hope you enjoy the posts you read in my blog. :) 

red collar-The Pinup Girl Store
polkadot dress- thrifted Esprit
tights- SM
boots- NAVA
bangles- gift from hubby


  1. Hi ate den :)) o my gosh .! i super love your POLKA dress!! SUPER!! sell it to me !!! hahhaahha!! i hope you'll have it on your store ;) and plus the boots. amazing!

  2. cute look, denise!:) love how you added the collar too!

  3. super like your outfit! :) nahihilo na ko kahahanap for my perfect boots! hehe!

  4. @ Kevin: THANK YOU THANK YOU! :) I'll try to socre a dress like this when I shop this week para sa second batch of cloths for my store :)

    @Ava: thank you! I love my new collar too! :)

    @Kath: yes korek ka jan nakakahilo maghanap ng perfect boots, but when the time you found it, oh my, HEAVEN! haha! :)

  5. love everything about this outfit. though i must agree with you that your boots is a stunner. love to have one of those too.. :)
    your OOTDs always makes me happy, i dont know why,maybe because i haven't had the opportunity to dress like that and im just dreaming of doing so.:) i love all your posts. keep 'em coming!

  6. Loving the polka dot dress and your curls. you're so pretty <3

  7. @Belle" THANK YOU SO MUCH! wow speechless ako sa comment mo :) Love what you said. Thanks again!

    @Maria Regina P: thank you thank you! :)


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