Saturday, September 24, 2011


You know how much I love thrifting, and that is actually the reason why I put-up my own business. I started last 2009 with few ukay online shops as competitors, but nowadays, you will see a lot of new ukay online shops sprouting everywhere may it be multiply or facebook. 

I guess that only proves how ukay clothes are a hit to most of us. Each online ukay shops has their own genre, or own niche for that matter, that caters to different types of shoppers. And one of the online shops that I look-up to is Becky VIntage!  At first look I thought all their items are brand new, but actually they are all thrifted from ukay shops! How nice right?!

I admire how pretty all their photos are, as well as the clothes they are selling! And not to mention, prices are very affordable! I love how girly and sexy yet sweet their photos are, it's like I am looking at pretty Korean girls wearing pretty ukay stuffs!

I've learned from Zarah, the owner of Becky Vintage, that her passion for doing garage sale, and ukay shopping brought her to opening her own shop. Back then, she used to have garage sale at her house when she was still a college student. Every Summer and Christmas breaks she goes home to province, where she lived,  armed with her thrifted treasures and sell them at their garage with her neighbors as her loyal shoppers and supporters! From then on, until now that Zara is already a dentist, she continues her passion in thrift shopping by extending it online, through BECKY VINTAGE.

Just like what I do with Simone's Closet I always have a freebie for my clients. This is something Zarah and I, find rewarding for a shopper. It does not really matter if the freebie is bongga or not, but as long as it is pretty and something useful, it will surely make a client happy, and for sure they will even comeback to you.

BECKY VINTAGE is now preparing on their 5th Collection that will be up soon! I am sure you will find something for you there, so better start stalking at them now haha! 

You may find Becky Vintage through:

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  1. Thank you so much Denise.=)Randy and I really appreciate this. You made our day.=)


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