Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Not the real ube and cheese but the purple blazer I am wearing in the photo and the yellow wall at my back. I just love how I blend well with the wall. Looks so yummy! Reminded me of my favorite ube and cheese dirty ice cream! haha!

purple blazer-thrifted/blue fringe tunic-thrifted/shorts-Landmark/flats-B Club

I wore this outfit when I went with Marise on her first day of school. It's her fourth day today, but sad to say, I am thinking of pulling her out from the class because the schedule is at 3pm which is her sleeping time, and this made her really tired and irritated after. Well I really need to think about it well. Her next class is on Friday.

Anyway, the weird photo you see here in this post is me trying to capture myself inside Tomato's fitting room but I failed haha! I forgot to adjust the camera setting. 

I went to NAILAHOLICS today and I tried their mani pedi service, and I must say, I LOVED IT! Will blog about it soon! :) For now, I have to leave, need to care of Marise first. I can hear her now, calling me..."Nanay!" Yes that's true she calls me Nanay, and I find it sweet! :)

Good night lovelies! :)


  1. Love your blazer dear! :) you look amazing with that outfit!

    Care to follow each other?

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. This made me want to run out for some good old sorbetes:p

    Can I cross-post this, with linkback to you, on Kikay Exchange (http://kikay.exchange.ph)? :)

  3. the ube and cheese thing made me laugh...am so loving your purple outfit especially the fringe top!

  4. @jillisabs: go ahead sis hehe :)


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