Monday, August 15, 2011


Spent my Sunday morning with the family. We went to church then had a lunch at home, and we went to hubby's place to visit Marise's lolo dad.

This is what I wore yesterday. I picked this dress to match my new cabridge bag from COCONUT GOLD! Special thanks to Cara Gonzales for sending me one! Not just her bags are pretty, but also very affordable! Do click the link to go to her shop's website, and get one for you too!

dress-thrifted/belt-Landmark/sandals-Tomato/bag-COCONUT GOLD

Excuse the covered sofa, my dad is just OC with things so he likes our sofa set covered unless we have a guest. But these sofas are the comfiest and prettiest of the sofas we have haha! The black spots on floor, they are marks of Marise's pentel pens, and on the right side, she's doing something over her desk, hmm she's playing her jigsaw puzzle. Did I tell you how excellent she is in jigsaw puzzle??! Such a talented kid! haha
this is the vintage and biggest painting we have in our house. I guess we have 5 more paintings but this one's the biggest. I wasn't able to go to garage and take my outfit photos there because the rain suddenly pour in the middle of sunlight. Weird.
how the nice the bag noh?
COCONUT GOLD sent me additional package for you guys! And here they are...

Watch-out for the giveaway soon! You'll gonna love these bags for sure! I will be doing an outdoor photo shoot for COCONUT GOLD this week! I cannot wait to take my newest bag out on a spin and have it photographed outdoors! In the meantime, go check COCONUT GOLD and like their fb page!

This pair of pretty shoes is my gift to Marise on her birthday, don't you just love it??!
I love her floral leggings from SM Kids!  I wish they have bigger versions for mommies too! haha! Anyway this was taken inside the car on our way to Sto. Domingo! :)
So that's all for now, PLDT DSL is acting so weird. Internet connection is going up and down! GRRRR!!! Watch-out for more surprises here in my blog! :) HAVE A NICE DAY!


  1. Love it! Super excited! =D

  2. oh wow! i love the bags!! and cute shoes of maris!!

  3. What a pretty bag! and yes, Marise new shoes is pretty-pretty! :)

  4. You have the prettiest stuff ever! :D I love your dreaa.. and oh the sofa! I think we have the same ones, us' red tho :D And its super comfy toooo! I'll take some shots soon :D

  5. Satchels are always lovely! And you were able to carry it well, too, sis!! :) Excited for your giveaway. I might join. *wishful thinking* hahaha! See you on our shoot! :)


  6. wow those bags are affordable! :)

  7. I have a bag almost similar to that! It is really chic, I agree. My boyfriend got me one for my birthday. :)
    Mars of fashion insouciance (I posted a photo of my bag here, too!)
    Join my giveaway!

  8. Suuuuuuper <3 <3 <3 the whole look =D


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