Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 here are some photos from the dinner we had at Max's Resto in Roces Avenue...

It was a fun and full night. We enjoyed the food so much. According to my parents that branch of Max's Resto is really a memorable place for our family because that's the reception of my mom and dad's wedding, plus it's the place we always dine during our childhood days. Meaning that Max's Resto branch has been there for almost 23 or more years na! The food is just great and the place changed  a bit (mas maganda na) but the memories still live there! I even remember the Max's drawing contest for kids they had when I was 3. I joined but I didn't win, and I remember how I cried for not getting any prize, good thing my dad bought me a chicken hat that was being sold in Max's Resto way way way back! It's a nice place to dine while reminiscing the good old days. Hubby missed the dinner since he was so busy with his business, but I promise to bring him there once Mr. Sun is up and shining again! 

How about you, do you have a memorable restaurant/s that you and your family love to visit? :)

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