Monday, August 29, 2011

Peach And Polka

With the bipolar weather we have right now, it's so hard to know if Mr. Sun will shine today or not. Luckily, the day hubby and I had this shoot, it was bright and sunny. I miss shooting outdoors and I am actually planning to have more, well unless it's rainy.

Anyway, what I wore is something I really love. First this sheer maxi skirt in peach is so pretty. I love that it is soft and flowy and moves with me whenever I twirl :) Did I say it's thrifted? Yeah it is! And the polka top too, it's Esprit and I love how breezy it is whenever I wear it. And of course to top the outfit off, I wore my black flats from Soule Phenomenon and my Coconut Gold tan satchel!

I love comfy yet stylish outfits like this! I feel prettier when I feel comfy with what I am wearing. :)
I am excited to have a shoot again this week, just don't be rainy, I hope so *cross-fingers :)

And oh one last thing, have you joined my ANYA pretty satchel giveaway? If not, see the badge on the upper right corner of my blog!


polka dress as top- thrifted Esprit
sheer peach maxi skirt- thrifted
black flats- Soule Phenomenon
necklace- Quiapo
bangles- Quiapo
satchel- Coconut Gold


  1. nice outfit! you look beautiful! :)

    x, AiR

  2. Looove your outfit, Sis!! :) As always! Hindi mukhang thrifted yung clothes na sinusuot mo. Bet!! ♥


  3. Love the bag! That's same one in the giveaway right? =)

  4. I love maxis. Thrifted?? your lucky. :)

  5. Sooooo pretty! love the color of your skirt Denise!

    The Niknok Style

  6. absolutely love the flow of the skirt!:) Perfect with the satchel!


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